The Voting Vault

Simple to Setup - Easy to Use

Don’t stress about your upcoming election. With The Voting Vault’s software not only will you save yourself time setting up your next election, your members will be able to cast their vote with ease.

The Voting Vault help take some stress out of your next election.

The Voting Vault will:
  • Guide you through setting up your election with just a few clicks
  • Notify all of your members about your election via email
  • Remind your members to vote with customized reminder emails
  • Provide 256 – bit encrypted security for the safety of your vote
  • Provide immediate election results at the conclusion of your election
With The Voting Vault:
  • Members can vote anytime from anywhere with any connected device
  • Members can only vote once, and their selections always remain anonymous
  • At the conclusion of your election, the Election Admin can access the election results along with several other election reports
  • You can choose to have a Voting Vault Election Consultant handle your election set up. Contact us below for more details

Your members will thank you for simplifying their election experience by choosing The Voting Vault