Humboldt County Proof of Origin
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To verify the origin of a product, enter the code shown on the label followed by the alphanumeric code sent via SMS (no spaces) and click VERIFY.

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If the product description shown does not match the product you purchased, please Contact Us.

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After verifying the alphanumeric code, check the authenticity of the stamp by tilting it away from you. When tilted, the color to the left of the cannabis leaf will change from pink to green. If you see no color shift, please Contact Us.

Humboldt Proof of Origin

In Humboldt County, great climate, diverse strains and years of growing experience work together to produce some of the world's finest medical cannabis.

For the first time, it is easy for patients and dispensaries to confirm the authenticity of Humboldt County medical cannabis products through the use of the new Humboldt Proof of Origin system. The system also improves awareness of Humboldt County's renowned medical cannabis products.

The system is available using the Humboldt Proof of Origin iOS app or this web site. Patients and dispensaries can use it to:

  • Verify that an item is a genuine product of Humboldt County
  • Obtain information about the product's origin, including when and where it was produced
  • View information about producers, products and product test results
  • Report concerns about product or stamp integrity

Download the new app for free!

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You can use the app to verify a product as illustrated below:

1. Locate secure stamp

1. Locate

2. Detect QR code

2. Detect

3. Record color shift

3. Record

4. Display product information

4. Display